Your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life, completely surrounded by the love of your closest family and friends. A wedding video is more than just photography in motion to us. We capture the love which you and your partner and family and friends share and blend your vows, speeches and video into a visual tapestry that tells a story filled with emotion, beauty, color and artistically captivating shots we know you’ll love. 


A brief questionnaire is sent which helps us get a clear idea of what is most important to you in your video and the vibe you’re after. Some couples opt for a pre-call which accomplishes the same goal.

Before the wedding

the process

We assist with setting up key opportunities to share special moments in the most beautiful locations your venue and best lighting allows for, and capture all audio and video in extremely high quality. We work hand in hand with your photographer and planner to keep the day flowing efficiently. 

on the wedding day

We tirelessly filter and review the footage for the most beautiful and best moments, and search for music which fits the vibe and flow of the day. We then start building your story. 

After the wedding

video portfolio

meet david

Videographer, Daredevil + Husband

I’m David and I am lead videographer and second stills shooter. My approach to video and photography is slightly different than my wife’s perspective, but with the same artsy approach. I enjoy using flash and long exposures when possible for impressive night photography. I also enjoy capturing our couples in epic landscapes, with the goal of telling the story of how beautiful the location you choose to get married at is. I also specialize in macro photography and details, so I am very actively looking to capture all items of interest in your day, both big and small. 

In my free time I like to jump out of planes, off of bridges and I fly wings of all shapes and sizes as a parachutist and kiteboarder. Extreme sports; to me, are a tool to iterate how amazing life can truly be, and I want to capture that spirit and passion in your special day.